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Leonard Holmes - We should all have a vision or goal we are stiving for

Leonard Holmes is a Musical Instructor and Percussionist born and raised in Buffalo, New York. He is married to Barbara and they reside in Atlanta, Georgia.

Leonard was educated in the Buffalo Schools. He worked many years in Buffalo, New York at the African Culture Center, teaching and instructing new musicians. He also worked playing at different churches in the state of New York and Georgia. His love and passion for music has always been his driving force to someday see this vision come true to help others and their dreams.

Leonard’s musical talents span in the areas of R&B, Jazz, Latin, Afro-Cuban, Blues and Gospel. He has performed throughout United State and has worked with many major artists such as Ramsey Lewis, Destiny’s Child, Keith Washington, Bare Naked Ladies, Grover Washington Jr., and Maceo Parker.

Throughout Leonard’s life he has always believed in the vision of this project and today his dreams come true.